Triphasic Tactical Training Manual: Mastering Preparedness: (Hardcopy) Approach to Structuring Training Systems for Tactical and First Responders


This manual provides some comprehensive training programs But teaches you to modify your current program for your daily needs, specifically designed for tactical athletes in the demanding field of first responders.  Developed by experienced combat veterans and training professionals, it addresses the six crucial physical qualities required for optimal performance. Unlike other programs, The Weekly Sequencing Model allows tactical athletes to train in their preferred methods while offering guidelines to maximize training effectiveness and performance improvement.

With a focus on clarity and precision, this book covers essential topics such as the distinction between tactical athletes and conventional athletes, the components of The Weekly Sequencing Model, and the six physical qualities crucial for tactical performance. It also delves into the implementation of the Triphasic Training System and the specific stress model.

Unique to this book, you’ll find innovative concepts such as the Compatible Qualities Model and the High-Quality vs. Work Capacity Energy System Training. These components are strategically crafted to enhance performance and meet the distinctive needs of tactical first responders.

Whether you are a tactical athlete striving for peak performance or a dedicated professional serving to protect others, this book is your ultimate guide. In the high-stakes tactical arena, the importance of optimal performance cannot be overstated. Obtain the knowledge, strategies, and training methods outlined in this comprehensive manual to elevate your performance and ensure the preservation of the freedoms of those you serve.

Key Chapters Covered:

1. The Tactical Athlete vs. Conventional Athletes
2. The Weekly Sequencing Model Components
3. Six Physical Qualities of Tactical Performance
4. Triphasic Review and Weekly Sequencing Model Implementation
5. Modifying the Weekly Sequencing Model

About the Author Cal Dietz


This book was written with the explicit intent to deliver a systematic and scientifically founded approach in training methodology for athletes whose preparation does not result in wins or losses, world records, or gold medals. This book is for the tactical athlete and those that dedicate their lives to assist in their preparation. In the tactical arena, less than ideal performance can have grave consequences. One step too slow, one moment too long, and the defeated does not receive a silver medal and a warm handshake. As the dedication of this book reads, “For the fallen.” May their ghosts never utter that they were put in harm’s way ill prepared.