Triphasic Training Football Speed and Strength E-Manual


This High School Training Manual has been expanded to include training methods specifically designed to enhance the development of speed capabilities in the maturing athlete to the highest extent. This does not mean elite level runners will not benefit from the program, exercises, and/or progressions laid out in this manual as the methods implemented throughout it are extremely advanced. This speed manual has been created to take every coach step-by-step through an 18 week progressive program, from warm-up to ankle rocker drills, to specific speed training and agility, and finally a lifting progression, which will all be covered in great detail and must occur in order for maximal performance to be achieved. This manual ultimately leads to dramatic increases in speed for any athlete truly implementing the progressions laid out in the pages to follow.


Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Football Performance with Advanced Speed Training Techniques!

Revolutionize your training regimen with our comprehensive High School Training Manual, meticulously curated to optimize speed and performance for football enthusiasts. Whether you’re a budding athlete or an elite runner, our program is tailored to amplify your speed capabilities.

This cutting-edge manual goes beyond the basics, catering to both maturing athletes and elite runners seeking top-tier results. Our meticulously crafted methods are at the forefront of sports science, ensuring unparalleled advancements in your speed and agility.

Embark on an 18-week transformative journey guided by this speed-focused manual, designed to empower coaches at every step. From dynamic warm-ups to ankle rocker drills, delve into specific speed enhancement techniques and agility drills. And that’s not all – a comprehensive lifting progression is outlined in meticulous detail, an essential component for achieving peak performance.

Within these pages, you’ll discover the blueprint for achieving extraordinary speed gains. Unleash your true potential by following our carefully curated progressions. Experience firsthand the remarkable strides in your speed and performance as you embrace the strategies laid out in this manual. Your journey towards unparalleled speed starts here.