Testimonial – From High School Coach

High school athlete Squat went up from 415 to 545 – Bench 355 to 415; Shot put Results  61 ft shot putter to a 68 ft shot putter. State Champion Shot putter!

My name is Coach %$#@ and I am the throw coach at @#$#$%%$##@ High School in, Tx.  I have some questions about programming tri-phasic training with throwers.I am a true believer of this program because of the past results with my athletes.  Two years ago, a  strength told me to research information on French contrast or tri-phasic training.  The workouts that I used two years ago were the workouts that are in the book that is a pdf online and produced a state champion in 2022.  Johnny began the training with a bench of 355 in August, and by thanksgiving he hit 415.  Squat went up from 415 to 545.  The crazy number was his clean.  The workouts that are in the book didn’t have cleans, so we never did them.  In August he did 285 on clean, and without doing the lift for three months, maxed 335 on the lift.  These strength gains helped him go from a 61 ft shot putter to a 68 ft shot putter.

Pro cyclist on Triphasic results

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know about some great results I’m having with a client of mine. I have a cyclist I’ve been working with for about 9 months now, including a complete off-season where we were able to begin an adapted-to-cycling triphasic plan. She’s really taken to it well, we’ve been seeing some huge gains in her levels of strength as well as performance in her pre-season training rides, and considering everything she’s doing and her volume levels she is very healthy. We’re also actively using RPR.

From a Hockey Strength coach in Finland 

Coach, I have a young hockey player we did 12 weeks of training; The results in his training are in my book awesome : here are some results

7 kg (15.43 lbs) weight gain
From 135 kg to 180 kg deadlift (increase 99 pounds)
From 120 kg to 160 kg back squat – (increase 88 pounds)
From 70 kg to 100 kg benchpress – (increase 66 pounds)
Increased standing long jump 27cm (10 inches)
Increased aswell in vertical jumps
Increased his VO2 max
1 second faster on 10 m sprint
1,4 second faster on 20 m sprint
Increased aswell 5-10-5 sprint

Thank Coach